I dreamt I was getting Married - the interpretation

After watching Logan I dreamt I was getting Married. The dream: Everyone was at church already. The bride was not there yet like the first time. It was something I wanted and planned. But I was chickening out. Scared to do the deed in front of everyone. I realized it was silly because it's what I wanted. It's something I had planned for. Then I woke up. My wife was washing and my kids were playing. It was like waking up in the future. Walking around my house and seeing everything. I've realized the message my mind was saving in it's database. I was CHICKENING out of my life. I had been setting my own dates with Destiny and checking out/chickening out. I used to be scared of investing in my self and looking foolish. So I would run from the marriage to my own ideas, desires and potentials But that has changed now. I am a new man. It's my life and I'm going to consume it. I'm going to my own events. I'm not going to run anymore. I'll make wise choices and run foreward. I have multiple dates with destiny. I won't disappoint her. This is my life and I'm going to consume it the way it deserves to be consumed. Marcel


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